Love Letters

Oh Baby Magazine

Hi Mandi,

I wanted to let you know how absolutely thrilled the entire OHbaby! team is with your efforts on the “Alice In Wonderland” party feature for the spring issue of our magazine. From my very first dealings with you, I’ve been hugely impressed by your enthusiasm, initiative and professionalism.  You have not only met the brief, but gone well beyond our expectations, creating beautiful images that I know will have our readers enthralled.  I want you to know that I’ll be more than happy to commission you to shoot for OHbaby! whenever the need arises. Indeed, I look forward to it.

Warmest wishes,

Rochelle Gillespie.

Rochelle Gillespie Editor OHbaby! 4/506 South Titirangi Road, Titirangi, Auckland
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Star Jam

Hi Mandi

Thanks SO much.  These are AWESOME photos. GORGEOUS!!!  

Looking forward to working with you more in the future.

Again sincere thanks

Warm regards and a heap of Jamming love


Julie Bartlett • CEO & FounderStarJam
Debra Kehler (TV Producer who hired me for the job): 

Morning Mandi, you are such a talented gorgeous photographer it shines through in all your work.  Thank you for doing such an amazing job, for such a special organization – I believe you will be very important to the new Wellington team with Julie and Melissa at the helm and I definitely will use you anywhere possible as you know.  Here's to new collaborations and fruitful times ahead.
Thanks so much no doubt Julie is blown away and the jammers will love the momento's of such a special day for them.

Debs xx

Vivianna of Basquesse
Dear Mandi,

I am really grateful for all the work that we have done together. You have
been able to capture the vision and the essence of Basquesse and convey it
in a composition that truly speaks of what we are about.

I will really miss working with you now that I am in Sydney and hope,
somehow,  we can coincide in the same place to do more collaborations in
the future.

Thank you too, for being such an easy person to work with and a friend.

Yours truly,

Viviana Pannell,
Designer and Director at Basquesse Design Pty - Australia

The Morning Show

Our Morning Show Moment

Heather Simpson

a HUGE thanks to mandi for a great afternoon with our wee miss jojo. She's all modeled out now and snoozing away, can't wait to see the pics next week. Matt even agreed it wasn't that bad lol - "was quite fun actually" were his actual words. (Mandi you have no idea what high praise that is!!)
Much love and giant hugs from us all.

Georgia Wright:

The first thing my partner said to me in the car while driving out to the farm for
our photo shoot with Mandi Lynn was; “I’m not taking my shirt off for any of the

Within minutes of us being in her studio, both Manaia and our baby Noah were
topless – and loving it.

The whole experience was fun, energetic, and none threatening. In fact the shoot was
so well managed, Noah even fell asleep half way through the shoot, giving us the
opportunity to shoot outside with him in all sorts of different locations.

Mandi’s studio was warm and welcoming, The Farm was beautiful too, and so that,
with Mandi’s creativity made for some beautiful photos which we will treasure for
years to come.

She even managed to make me look amazing in our photos, even though after such an
horrendous birthing process, the last thing I felt, was beautiful!

Mandi will be our first choice of photographer to document our families progression
throughout life. Her pictures just radiate so much love and feeling. She really knows
how to read your personality and then capture that on film.

When you see her pictures – you feel her pictures.

Vivianna of Basquesse
Vivianna, the chief designer for Basquesse forwarded an email  that was correspondence between her and SimplyYou Magazine.  They had asked who the photographer was for her Mara Range, and this is what she wrote back,

 "The photographer was Mandi Lynn,  of Alight Photography.  I had spotted her amazing work in a Boticelli like composed photo and asked her if she could sponsor my pre-show shoot.  Luckily,  she did.    I believe she is one of the best photographers I have ever met."  

Aaron (Straight outta) Compton

"We love this image too, and all the other wonderful photos. We had a few people at our place yesterday to celebrate Lily's first 365 days and I found my nieces in front of the big 9-photo-piece oohing and aahing, saying 'wow. 'hanks for that--and for saying such nice things about us! We're looking forward to seeing you again." Aaron 


Thank you, Mandi, once again for the wonderful time we had on our photo shoot at the Blueberry Farm. The way you made us (and especially Yahvi) feel comfortable, relaxed, welcome and simply at home was just amazing.
We love your work!
Yahvi keeps on asking when we are going back to Mandi, Sam and the apples...